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SPRING 2017 Recreational Registration


Registered Players and Parents Questions?
Please reach out to our Recreational Directors:

Central Program please contact Steve Sinnwell at Steve.Sinwell@FloridaEliteSA.com
South Program please contact Joe Soto at:


Please remember, ALL Recreational Players need to have the New Florida Elite Uniforms in order to play in games.

Recreational Coach Information

Email our Recreational Directors Joe Soto (Joe.Soto@FloridaEliteSA.com) or Steve Sinnwell (Steve.Sinnwell@FloridaEliteSA.com)

SOUTH Recreational Training Schedule

CENTRAL Recreational Training Schedule

Training Field Layouts

Rules of Play


Game and Practice Field Layout

For a Field Layout and Breakdown for both Games and Practices

Recreational Division Vision

"Welcome to the best Recreational Division in Florida."

That is a bold statement but one that Florida Elite Soccer Academy is ready to make true. The club has made a major investment to ensure that Florida Elite's Recreational Division is like no other.

The changes start with a full time Recreational Director. Steve Sinnwell brings a wealth of experience with him from Virginia. He will organize, operate and staff the largest Recreational Division in Florida. The new Recreational Division will offer coaches and players opportunities that are truly elite.

For the coaches of the Recreational Division there will be a lot of time and effort devoted to their education. There will now be coaching clinics and symposiums offered by professional staff members. There will be training sessions and monthly sessions posted on the website to ensure structure and quality.

For the players we have added components to their training to help them reach the next level if they so choose. There will be technical sessions offered throughout the season by professional staff members. Florida Elite has hired more goalkeeping trainers so that we can offer weekly goalkeeping sessions to all our goalies in the Recreational Division. The biggest change for the players will be coming in the near future. The club will soon be running it's own Recreational tournament so that competition can be brought in at little cost to our Recreational Division members.

With these changes Florida Elite will no longer be an elite club with a Recreational Division. The Recreational Division will now be a part of what helps make up Florida Elite an elite club!!! !

General Information and Policies

Recreational programs are typically the first exposure for children to the game of soccer.  At Florida Elite Soccer Academy, we look to instill a love of the game for each and every player we have in our program.  Our Recreation Program is targeted towards children from the Under 5 age group all the way through  the Under 19 age group.  Any child of any ability level is welcome to play.  

There are no tryouts and players are placed on teams in a random fashion in an attempt to balance the competition level, as best we can. Our program is designed to allow all players the opportunity to play at least 50% of the game so that they can learn to both play, and enjoy the game.

The Recreational Program has two seasons per Calendar year: Fall (September – November) and Spring (March – May). The Florida Elite Soccer Academy Recreational program has both a Girls Division and a Boys Division.  Florida Elite Soccer Academy does not typically encourage co-ed teams.  Teams are grouped by age in single years from Under 5 to Under 8 and in two-year age groups from Under 10(U9 & U10), Under 12 (U11 & U12), Under 14 (U13 & U14),Under 16 (U15 & U16), and a triple-age group for Under 19 (U17, U18, & U19).  We must abide by age guidelines as determined by birth dates.

U5 & U6 $120 + uniform
U7-U12 $130 + uniform
U13-U19 $135 + uniform


May 2 Registration Opens
May 14-July 2 Open Registration
July 3-July 30th Late Registration/ Additional $35 fee added to registration costs
July 31 Registration CLOSED

REGISTRATION IS ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS  So be sure to register early to secure your spot
We must secure enough volunteers to form the teams.
Requests for teams and coaches will only be taken on the registration forms.  No email requests will be accepted.  While we will do our best to honor requests made on the registration form, we cannot guarantee them and will not grant refunds based on team assignments.

Refunds requested before July 2, 2017 - a $35 fee will be withheld from the refund

Refund requested between July 3- July 30, 2017- 50% of total registration fee will be withheld from the refund
No refunds will be given after July 30, 2017

Program Dates:

August 20th- Recreational Coaches start player notifications
August 28th Recreational Practices begin
September 9th First Games of Fall Season
Please note that these dates are subject to change

All Recreational players are required to purchase the assigned uniforms from WeGotSoccer to ensure receipt of the uniform prior to the Season's first game.
All players MUST wear Florida Elite required uniforms which include jerseys, shorts and socks. The Recreational uniform cycle is one year, starting with the fall season.  If a player or team is not in a Florida Elite required uniform they will not be allowed to play their game. 

Team Assignments U5-U19 – Team assignment is based on a seasonal year that starts with the Fall Season.  Fall teams are formed on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Players may request a particular coach or friend to play with on the registration form, if and only if you register prior to the Fall Registration deadline.  Coaches in all age groups are volunteers; please be sure to indicate on your child’s form if you are willing to volunteer to coach.  Florida Elite attempts to honor as many requests as possible but absolutely no guarantees can be made.

Practice Times and Locations U5-U19 – The volunteer coach sets the practice location and times for the team, subject to availability.  Please note – since our coaches are volunteers, there is no way for Florida Elite to know your child’s practice schedule until 
AFTER the season kick-off meeting.  The season kick-off meeting is held approximately 10-14 days prior to the beginning of the season. Practices will begin approximately 2 weeks before the start of the season.   During team assignments, Florida Elite does their best to place players on teams who practice near their requested field choice. There are however, no guarantees. Practices can start as early as 5 pm and end as late as 9:30 pm (for some of the older age groups).  We do not accept requests for specific practice nights or times.

Game Times and Locations U5-U10 - Depending on whether you register for the Florida Elite Soccer Academy Central or Florida Elite Soccer Academy South Recreational Programs, games will be played at different fields.  Games could be scheduled on Saturdays from 8 am until 7 pm and occasionally on Sundays from 1 pm until 5 pm.

Florida Elite Soccer Academy Jacksonville South:
Veterans Park 1332 Veterans Pkwy, St Johns, FL 32259

Florida Elite Soccer Academy Jacksonville Central:
Chuck Rogers Park located at 11950 San Jose Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32223
Losco Regional Park located at 10852 Hood Road South, Jacksonville, FL 32257
Earl Johnson Park located at  5390 St. Augustine Road, Jacksonville, FL 32207

Game Times and Locations U12-U19 - Games can be played at Chuck Rogers Park, Earl Johnson Park, Losco Park or Veterans Park. Games could be scheduled on Saturdays from 8 am until 7 pm and occasionally on Sundays from 1 pm until 6:30 pm

Scheduling U5-U19 - The goal is for every team to have a schedule of at least eight games, with a maximum of ten, during the season. Although the schedule may initially be eight to ten games, Florida Elite cannot guarantee that the team will actually play any particular number of games. Circumstances sometimes arise during a season, over which the Club has no control, that may prohibit a team from playing a scheduled game. These circumstances may include, but are not limited to, weather, a team folding, or a team canceling and failing to reschedule a game due to unforeseen circumstances.

Games are scheduled between teams of the same age and sex.  There may be an odd number of teams in each age group or there may be an even number of teams.  If there is an even number of teams, generally speaking, each team will be scheduled for a Saturday game day.  If there is an odd number in the rotation, generally, each team will have a “bye” week on the schedule.

Playing Time - Youth recreational soccer focuses on the development of the player.  It is an opportunity for each child to learn individual skills and teamwork skills.  Youth recreational soccer is not focused on winning or losing; it is about each child playing to the best of his or her ability while having fun.  It is about rewarding effort. Therefore, regardless of ability, each recreational player is guaranteed playing time during one half of each game. It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure that every child plays an appropriate amount of time. Florida Elite does not keep standings in the recreational division.


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