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Florida Elite Soccer Academy

At The Florida Elite Soccer Academy our mission is simple. We  pledge to be a Full Service Soccer Organization dedicated to the growth and enrichment of its participating members within the game of soccer. 

We will strive for Total Player Development in an environment that fosters individual confidence along with team success. These goals will be achieved through hard work, sacrifice, dedication and the complete commitment to every level of player from Recreational to Elite. Florida Elite Soccer Academy teaches players a style of soccer emphasizing passing and possession of the ball. The overall style and philosophy is consistent throughout the club so every team and individual has the opportunity to learn a similar style of play. This leads to team success and promotes individual development and creativity. 

Florida Elite provides development opportunities for players starting at a young age. A player-centric approach is used to develop and polish the crucial set of skills necessary for their future, with the club’s focus on the continual growth and development of our players and our teams. The club instills a dedication to excellence and teamwork in all players. Players improve most by competing with players at similar levels, so teams are formed by grouping players of similar abilities. This shared vision encourages and promotes a feeling of “family” within the club. As players mature they have the opportunity to advance through the ranks and rise to the highest level. Coaches on different teams collaborate with each other, sharing ideas and experiences. 

Everyone in the Florida Elite Soccer Academy Club – family members included – can feel proud of each team in the club!

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Florida Elite Soccer Academy

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